Saturday, July 18, 2015

UPROSE Vintage Thrift

Yesterday I noticed flyers on Fifth for a new vintage thrift store.  We have no shortage of thrift stores around here, but this one looks like a good addition to the neighborhood, as it will help support UPROSE, Brooklyn's oldest Latino, community-based organization.  UPROSE has been around since 1966, and describes itself as:

an intergenerational,multi-racial, nationally-recognized community organization that promotes the sustainability and resiliency of the Sunset Park community in Brooklyn through community organizing, education, leadership development and cultural/artistic expression. 
UPROSE’s work encompasses a variety of environmental justice and public health initiatives, from the development of the waterfront and local brownfields, to transportation, open space and air quality needs, to educational and youth empowerment campaigns.
UPROSE has achieved multiple groundbreaking accomplishments in community-based planning and development. In the wake of Superstorm Sandy in fall 2012, it has intensified its focus on the adaptation of Sunset Park to the changing climate and to deepening its community resiliency.

The thrift store is located at the UPROSE headquarters, at 166A 22nd Street, between Third & Fourth Avenues (718-492-9307). You can find out more about the organization here.  Let's get over there with donations, and use some purchasing power to help the store hit the ground running.

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