Tuesday, July 7, 2015

More Buildings Acquired at Fourth & 15th, Onward the Boulevard

The prospect of development at all four corners of Fourth and 15th gets ever more likely as buyouts at the south east corner of the intersection fall into place.  When I last checked in, six buildings on Fourth Avenue - a straight run from 543 to 553 - had changed hands in 2014, sold to the same owners, and I figured the corner building wouldn't be far behind.   Indeed, ACRIS records show that 541 sold last month for $2,700,000, and that 555, the other end of the run, sold in May for $2,200,000.  That makes eight out of the ten mixed-use apartment/retail buildings between 15th and 16th, almost an entire block of low density buildings ready to be turned to rubble.  Goodbye to broad skies, and goodbye to apartments and stores designed for the needs of regular working families. Hello to the boxy high-rise, to the suburb-in-the-city medical office space, to a block that looks by some odd paradox more rendering than reality.  And hello to those with the money and desire to buy into this Boulevard dreaming.

The faded Uneeda Biscuit sign, at 15th & Fourth (541), soon to disappear completely

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