Friday, July 17, 2015


For Rent signs are up at 464 Third, formerly home to the Yemeni American Association.

Renovations are ongoing at 494 Fourth (12th Street) and it looks like Cantina is making way for a new restaurant/bar. A liquor license application by CDT 272 Inc. was presented for review to CB6 last month.

A liquor license app. was supported by CB6 last month for a pizza place at 338 Hamilton, soon to be the first permanent home for foodie-revered mobile pizza vendors Pizza Moto. The centerpiece of the new restaurant, Pizza Moto @ John Grace Bakery, will be a newly restored coal-fired oven uncovered behind a brick wall in the premises, and the owners will be offering wine, cocktails & a chef's table.  It is set to open in September, and will be a bit of a contrast to the last pizza joint at 338.

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