Friday, July 31, 2015

Signs up at Marleey's

Signs are now up at 700A Fifth, where interior work has been going on for several months.  Back in May I was told that the food would be Jamaican/American, and yes, there will be more Caribbean food on Fifth.  The more West Indian food the better in my book, but I hope that the prices are reasonable, and that there's room for Marleey's and Roosters to co-exist happily within a couple of blocks from each other.

Price, good heart, and respect for what's already here are important.  The last thing our part of Fifth needs is a plethora of high-priced, overrated restaurants, the kind the realtors love to name-drop in their listings.  The kind you'll find to the north or east.  The "date-night" restaurants.  We're lucky to have avoided that fate thus far.  We're incredibly lucky to still have long-standing, budget-friendly places to eat around here - the places the realtors never care to mention - that offer good food at a fraction the price of an overrated & Sons Italian or a tired oyster emporium.  We can't deny change, but we can use our dollars the right way.  Support the older businesses as staples, but welcome the newer ones that do things right.

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