Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Meanwhile, in pharmacy news, the Rite Aid at Fifth & 10th will become a Walgreens in August.  I'd noticed the store shelves were half-empty, and one of the store clerks (my favorite) told me about the change.  She'd said she'd be keeping her job.  Walgreens bought almost two thousand Rite Aid stores last year, and the majority of these will be rebranded by 2020.

I'm not much of a Rite Aid shopper.  I'm all for Neergaard.  But Walgreens owns the British company Boots, & if they stock some Boots No 7 products in their new store on Fifth they'll get me through the doors.

Very few Rite Aid pictures in the archives.  Here's one from 2010, when a car crashed into the place.

Several blocks farther south we can expect Not Just Chocolate soon.


Suddenly one evening the linden trees blossomed.  The smell lingered all along the avenue, so thick and sweet a perfume it was almost cloying.  The everyday blocks, unbuttoning themselves, reclined and turned languid.   We all began to take our time.

Monday, June 17, 2019

By Chance, on Sunday

At City Lore - Waterfront Heroes

... Those profiled and honored in the exhibit include Samir Farag of the Museum of Maritime Navigation & Communication; Ray Keenan of the Sandy Hook Pilots Association; Waterfront Museum founder David Sharps; steam whistle collector Conrad Milster; Adam Green, founder and executive director of Rocking the Boat, empowering youth through boatbuilding and environmental stewardship; the South Shore Bay House Owners Association; North Oyster Bay Baymen’s Association; Fulton fish market painter Naima Rauam; the South Shore Waterfowlers Association; Hurricane Sandy hero and kavi singer Seetha Wickramasuriya; and Carolina Salgeuro, founder and president of PortSide NewYork, a living lab for promoting better urban waterways.

This exhibit includes historic and contemporary photographs and videos by noted photographers Thomas Pich, Martha Cooper, Mike Busch from Great South Bay Images, and others. Exhibit design by Fred Elman and Joan Raiselis.

Naima Rauam

"Everything is holy! everybody’s holy! everywhere is holy! everyday is in eternity! Everyman’s an angel! —Allen Ginsberg"

At  Dean Lance's exhibition Mourn the Dead, Fight Like Hell for the Living, part of this year's Howl Festival.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Pick a Vape

Beyond Vapes"& Convenience is a few doors down from Vapes on Broadway.  Bonus points for the faded ad for criminal injury lawyer John J. Ciafone on the Broadway side of the Beyond Vapes" building, and for the shutters & No Parkig signs next door to Vapes on Broadway.  It's a tough one.