Friday, July 3, 2015

More 70s, more Shamus

While engaged in my unlikely Burt-in-Brooklyn research endeavors, I came across a '73 documentary, TV News: Behind the Scenes, a day in the life of a local, WABC news production team.  Events of the day include a water main break, anti-war demonstrations (a youthful Geraldo Rivera on the scene!), and the ever-dapper Mayor Lindsay doing his bit for city film making, at a promo appearance for Shamus.  The interview snippets with the actors make for some strange viewing. Cannon perfects a icily glazed insincerity, and the female reporter assigned to the story is clearly, er, thrown off balance by the gum-chewing flirtiness and intimate proximity of trench-coat clad Reynolds.  Catch the Shamus-themed action around 4:17.

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