Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Searching for the Bx River Parkway (on 12th)

A beautiful day to be out walking.  When I ended up on 11th Street, below Third, I thought I'd cut along the side of Ennis Playground, next to the Sanitation Garage, and walk up 12th.  I had it in mind to take a picture of the Bronx River Parkway street sign in the Red Hook Construction yard. It always amused me to see the green sign up there at a Gowanus site, but I'd never got a picture.  I'd seize the day.  But turning up 12th, I found the yard closed, and looking through the gaps in the fence, I saw that the yard had been completely cleared out, save for a vehicle or two.  Gone the containers, the office space (?), and the precariously leaning assortment of vehicles & goods lodged by the Ennis property line. Red Hook C.G. was last in the news last fall when a LiUNA Local 79 were campaigning to unionize laborers working at the Adam America luxury development site at Fourth & 11th.  Laborers were protesting low wages, unfair dismissals, harassment, and unsafe working conditions at the hands of Red Hook C. G.  Prior to this, the construction group's base on 12th Street hit the news a year ago when one of their pump trucks partially demolished the street-side wall of the property.  The wall remains unrepaired today, and violations remain in place for the state of the wall & unpermited structures on the property.  There's currently a tax lien hold on the property.

Here's the yard in 2014, when it still bore the name of Scala.  The Bx sign is barely visible, back in the lot, attached to a shed.

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