Thursday, March 24, 2016

Heaven, Revisited

Last week I noticed that Heaven was closed & up for sale.  Well, the Coney Island Avenue Heaven at least.  There are a few other places in the city that lay(ed) claim to eternal or ephemeral pleasure.  Do the versions of Heaven, their locations, & their open or closed situations have anything to tell us, or is that taking the business of bliss far too seriously?

Heaven Sports Bar,  AKA Heaven Gentlemens Club (Steinway Street in Astoria, sitting between Beirut & a UPS store)
Heaven gay bar on Sixth in Chelsea - Hell & Purgatory included (closed)
Maiden Heaven Deli (in, of course, the Financial District but also shuttered)
Foot Heaven (Chinatown)
Nancy Lee's Pig Heaven (UES Chinese restaurant)
Burger Heaven (prosaic, in Midtown)
Made in Heaven Cakes (Gowanus)
Maids in Heaven (NY cleaning service, started in Washington Heights)

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