Saturday, March 12, 2016

New Order


488 Third Avenue is back. It was listed for $2,900,000 last summer, and was taken off the market at the end of the year. Now Corcoran is handling the sale, and it's priced at $2,450,000. Last year it was described as being built in 1901, but now it apparently it's lost an additional thirty years. In fact, 488 was built prior to 1880. A NY Times article from 1879 mentions the arrest of its owner, one Mary Everett (along with several male guests), for keeping a "disorderly house." Lewis Hine was round this way a century ago, visiting homes and documenting the conditions of working children. He didn't visit 488 as far as we know, but he would have walked right by it.

Today Gowanus is "often referred to as 'G Slope' " (who knew?) & 488 is all stainless steel appliances, marble countertops, deep soaking tubs & custom cabinets.  The oven even has an extendable spigot!  And there's more:

The bricked backyard area features room for yoga, a grill, a table for al fresco dining, or even an urban herb garden. This 3,000 sq. ft. townhome was built in 1931 and is around the corner from the F and G 4th Ave. stop and a few blocks away from the 9th St. R stop with Fairway, Ikea, and Lowe's nearby ... With the recent condo projects across the street and around the corner, savvy buyers can get this three family property for the same price as a penthouse in one of the newer developments AND make money to pay for a mortgage making this townhome a must see for anyone looking to call a prime property in Brooklyn home!

488 was sold to Third Contractors 488 LLC in 2013 for $279,000, and it was sold again two years later for $900,000, to Park Slope 488 LLC.


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