Friday, March 4, 2016

Dominican Diner or Branding & Signage Opp? Life Close to Barclays Center

A block away from the recently demolished Church of the Redeemer, at Fourth & Pacific, the premises of Dominican restaurant Don Pepe, around since the 80s, are up for rent, at $7,500 per month.

* Storefront Delivered Vacant - Excellent for Branding & Signage 
* One Block from Barclays Center, BAM and Propspect Park (sic)
* Steps from entrance to 10 subways at Atlantic Terminal 
* Vented for restaurant usage

Dominican cook Pepe Sanchez labored for over a decade in a midtown Italian restaurant before setting up shop in the shadow of the Atlantic Avenue station in 1988. Since then, his Dominican diner has kept blue-collar commuters exceedingly well fed with tender broiled chicken, daily stews, stacks of morning pancakes, hefty sandwiches, and heaps of pinto beans and yellow rice. Construction workers sidle up to battered vinyl stools for huge omelets before the workday begins... Tucked modestly in the expansive menu is the undisputed king of the entrees; breaded steak, a nearly foot-long slab of fork-tender strip steak fried in a thick, crunchy egg and bread crumb coating. Its not a traditionally Dominican dish; Sanchez modeled it after the chicken parmesan he spent years preparing in his former gig, making that breaded steak his own signature (and delicious) dish. (Brooklyn Night Out)

Blander & more diminished by the week, the city loses its beauty, diversity & affordable-for-all havens.

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