Thursday, September 17, 2015

Surprise, Surprise, New Development at Fourth & 15th

It's been a while in the works, but today The Real Deal reports plans filed for a 12 storey, 100,000 square feet building at Fourth & 15th Street, with ground floor retail at 541 Fourth.

The building is slated to contain 125 residential units, according to plans filed with the city Thursday. They’ll occupy the third through 12th floors of the building, which will house 10 to 14 apartments apiece. 
The two commercial spaces on the ground level of the new building will total 10,800 square feet. The building will have a 26-car garage and storage space for 59 bicycles. The developers are planning to have a pet spa on the cellar level. Recreation rooms for residents are also planned for the cellar, first and second floors. 
The units will be rentals, and the developers hope to start construction in December, said Karl Fischer, the architect of record. 
Brooklyn-based developers Aaron Karpen and Anshel Friedman assembled the nearly-block-long, eight-parcel site last year, paying $16.5 million. 

As the readers of this blog might know, we've been following this buy-up for the last year, watching as bit by bit, three-storey apartment building by three-storey apartment building, the parcel of properties was acquired.  You can follow the trail here. This completes a sad quartet of development at each corner of the Fourth & 15th intersection.  All corners taken.

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