Saturday, September 19, 2015


When I saw the Sandy's sign disappear on 16th Street, I thought the new management had changed its mind about the name, but no, a new Sandy's sign will be up there soon.  I dropped by yesterday, for the cafe's reopening, and chatted to Elia Adames, who opened Sandy's in the late 90s, and will still be checking in regularly.  She will be also still be making the wonderful tamales that the cafe is famous for. Along with bagels, paninis, and other lunch & breakfast items, you'll be able to get a broad selection of Mexican food - be sure to ask what's available.  The cafe's nicely set up, with plenty of seating in the side room, and tables out front, on the sidewalk.
For me, Sandy's, and other small, family-run businesses nearby, make up a big part of what I have always loved about my neighborhood.  Amidst all the changes of recent years, they remain constant, & they remain affordable.  Go over to 16th soon - say hi to Blanca, Alberto, José & Benjamín. Grab a coffee, a bagel, a taco longaniza.  Sit at a table for a while.  You'll feel right at home.

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