Wednesday, September 23, 2015


A new pie for the 50th anniversary of Di Fara's  (Daily News)
Brooklyn Cherry Business to Plead Guilty Over Pollution and Marijuana (NY Times)
Daddy Cool! Band creates new hipster market for rock dads (Brooklyn Paper)
Ferreira said he also wanted to create an “alternative mall” for local youngsters — harkening back to the halcyon days of his suburban childhood, when kids spent weekends at a one-stop wonderland where they could shop, catch a movie, and skateboard. 
“My reason to get out of bed was that on Saturday my mother would let me chill at the mall,” he said. “That culture doesn’t really exist in Bushwick.”

And with graffiti - the yarn kind, at least - so topical right now, let's go back to September '07 for a couple of graffiti & protest posts from the late, great, much-missed, Gowanus Lounge.
Graffiti & Crime in Park Slope
The Williamsburg Anti-Development Poster Collection

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