Thursday, September 24, 2015


D & D, by day (Second & 8th)

I'm on the night shift for dog walking.  I can't say I always approach this job with enthusiasm, but usually, once we're out of the house, I enjoy it.  Most nights, I'll see a commercial garbage truck or two roaring through a route, guys hanging off the back, the kings of trash.  I've tried to get photographs, but so far they've been duds.  Photos of carting trucks by day are all well & good, but the glamour's absent.  I love seeing all the trucks at night but this M & G '97 Mack's my favorite. Usually it's blazing, lit up like a fairground ride, but here in the video, as the owner explains in a comment, it's not at its absolute best.  Still pretty fabulous though.


 M & G, by night (Smith & 9th) 

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