Thursday, December 10, 2015

Update on 316 12th

Last week I noted the impending demolition and redevelopment of 316 12th Street.  The name of the owner-developer Omri B, was not familiar to me, but NY YIMBY shows the full name as Omri Bar-Mashiah, who is listed online as a founder of Minerva Capital Holdings LLC.  Bar-Mashiah appears to have been quite active this year, and is in the process of developing two properties in Bed Stuy. Plans for four-story buildings on Quincy Street & Jefferson Avenue have yet to be approved. Bar-Mashiah is also the owner of another Quincy Street property, no. 95, where just two months ago a botched expansion project caused a partial building collapse.  Next-door 97 was also structurally compromised.

Following the collapse, the Department of Buildings demanded 95 and 97 be demolished, and the houses touching on either side be temporarily vacated. Because the illegal construction work has rendered the ground beneath the buildings unstable, demolition has to be done by hand from a cherry picker. Hearings are pending for eight violations against Bar-Mashiah and his contractor Top Notch Construction related to the illegal work that caused the collapse. (Gothamist)

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