Thursday, December 17, 2015

Links: Libraries, Sewage & Back Door Deals

A Merry Kleinfeld Christmas

Council Approves Heights Library Sale  (Brooklyn Paper)

And the use of civic neglect to justify sell-outs to developers?

“The reality is our public libraries and underfunded and have been for decades,” said Councilman David Greenfield (D–Borough Park), the land-use committee’s head honcho. “Libraries across Brooklyn are crumbling and they need the resource to pay for it and cannot expect those resources to fall from the sky.”

And from Council Member Brad Lander?

Councilman : Not likely to get library funding to prevent sales this decade. In this time of surplus?

Thanks Mr. Lander. That's certainly something to look forward to.  This is really a very sad moment in the history of the New York public library systems, and a sad day for democracy.  Like everything else in the city these days, the library system is now in thrall to profit-led interests.

Take Developers' Free Land Offer for Sewage Tanks, Gowanus Groups Tell City (DNAinfo)

New Yorkers Demand City End 'Back Door Deals,' Hold Developers Accountable (DNAinfo)

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