Friday, December 18, 2015

Taking their Leave

Here are some of the houses & other buildings gone, or ready to disappear, in 2015.  Most of these appeared on the blog, and most of the plans for their replacement have not yet been approved. Almost all of the plans are for luxury apartments. Of course, as per normal, many other lots in the neighborhood are busy right now with construction.  Dumpsters, excavated sites, and shells of new buildings abound.

Some of the buildings below kept their early looks largely intact, while others lost their period details, covered over time with stucco, vinyl, asphalt or aluminum. Some of them had second, back houses behind them. Most of the houses kept their shape, and could be identified as old.  Most of them bore witness to a booming, mid-to-late, nineteenth century borough, and housed workers active in the industries close by.  Each house contained histories.

196-204 19th Street (for apartment building)



197 22nd Street (three-story plus penthouse planned)

269 (fate unknown), 273 14th Street (four-story apartment building planned)

270 19th Street (four-story apartment building planned)

643, 645 Fifth Avenue (fate unknown)

721 Sixth (apartment building planned)

316 12th Street (four-story plus penthouse planned)

147 11th Street (currently zoned for manufacturing - fate unknown)

213, 215 20th Street (five-story residential planned)

205 12th Street (four-story plus penthouse building planned)

371 13th Street (residential building planned)

541-555 Fourth Avenue (9-story, mixed-use apartment building)

488 Fourth Avenue, second from left, below (ten-story, mixed use apartment building planned)

139 16th Street (still standing, fate unknown).  Owner is likely waiting to acquire next-door 137.

138, 140 15th Street (see below)

Also leaving:

550-554 Fourth Avenue, 138, 140 15th St. (11-story, 38-unit apartment building planned)

189,191,195 Prospect Avenue (65-unit apartment building, 5-story on Prospect & 12-story on Fourth)

Warehouses at:
142 33rd (for the third hotel on the block)
150 20th (replacement unknown),
695 -705 Sixth Avenue (three-story, 32-unit apartment building planned),
715-21 (five-story, 12-unit apartment building planned)
Shirley Chisholm Day Care Center at 333 14th (apartment building planned)

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