Monday, December 28, 2015

Choice on Fifth

There's one last bargain left at the 99c store at 542 Fifth - a chance to give a home to the store's cat. Signs of an impending closure went up in the summer, but the store lingered on until Christmas.  The rent went up - too much .  The space is now for lease at $9,500 per month:

2,300 Square foot Store Front plus 1,500 square foot basement, in Prime 5th Avenue location. 
Large space and heavy foot traffic makes this ideal for any type of food service, bar, restaurant or retail establishment. This is one of the best locations in the South Slope.

At what precise point in time did we get to prime?  It still sounds ridiculous to me.

Across the avenue at 555, where a Crunch gym is on the way, it's now confirmed that the Sky Discount Store, the last of the businesses still open at that address, will be closing soon. The store owners will be relocating to Queens.  I've heard the new owners at 555 may be intending to build up above the building, but no plans have been filed.

Santa from another season - 542 Fifth.

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