Friday, December 4, 2015

Another Local Landlord Listed as Flouting Rent-Stabilization Laws

Earlier this month a ProPublica investigation revealed that NYC landlords had failed to register 50,000 apartments for rent regulation, even though the owners of the 5,500 or so buildings had taken $100 million in tax breaks.  One of the landlords mentioned in the report owns a building right in the neighborhood - 572 Fifth Avenue.  In August, NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office launched a crackdown on 180 landlords who had not registered apartments - - but the recent ProPublica report suggests a far more widespread problem.

Thus far, the city has not responded to the report's findings, but yesterday an announcement was made by State Attorney Schneiderman, Gov. Cuomo, and Mayor DeBlasio concerning the state's apparently rather modest-in-scope crackdown.  Of the 180 landlords investigated by the state, 128 landlords who profited from the 421-a tax benefits but failed to register apartments have been forced to comply with the law, and as a result, 1,823 apartments units will soon become rent-stabilized. That leaves 52 landlords still in violation of 421-a tax laws. Curbed has created a handy map of buildings owned by landlords apparently still breaking regulations, and it shows another local building - 300 20th Street.

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