Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Off Hamilton

Manila Nylon Sisal . Wire . Rope Chain

I'm particularly fond of this building at 14th & Hamilton. It's set on a small, triangular lot, & the location & building combine a lot of the features I enjoy in an urban landscape: some classic signage, the presence of the garbage truck fleet (sanitation garage just up the block), the Bruno sign in the background, some appealing graffiti, and the ever-photogenic expressway. And most recently, the Hamilton Avenue Marine Transfer Station. I'm in my element. I'd have been down there today for a few more shots, but my camera was in the shop, and I had to head over to Chinatown this afternoon to pick it up. We must rely on our old friend Google.

24 12th is now for up for sale, at $2,250,000

Over the last decade, Gowanus has been transforming from a heavy industrial neighborhood to a revitalized office, retail, restaurant and residential destination. While parts of the neighborhood sit within the proposed rezoning area, this property is protected from any future residential rezoning and would remain commercial. Within walking distance to this property are a number of national and local retailers and restaurants such as Lowe's Home Improvement, Harbor Freight Tools, Pathmark, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Checkers, Surfish Bistro, Lowlands Car and LaQuinta Inn & Suites.

Bar, not Car, but an easy enough mistake, given the location.  No Pathmark, alas, but there is a new under-expressway pizza experience nearby.  Who knows what will appear next on this forlorn yet strangely enigmatic plot?

A block away, the same brokers list 84 14th for sale at three million.  The blurb is similar, though this one's being marketed as (another) possible fitness location.  In between 24 & 84, on the corner of Second, you can see what may be the last (former) residential house on the avenue.   You can see it, along with plenty of 1930's & 40's Percy Loomis Sperr photographs, right here.

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