Monday, December 14, 2015

Revisiting the Brooklyn HOLC Map (1938)

Home Owners' Loan Corporation Map, 1938 
(NARA II RG 195 Entry 39 Folder “Brooklyn (Kings Co.)” Box 58) (Urban Oasis)

A couple of years ago I spent time exploring the 1938 Home Owners' Loan Corporation map of Brooklyn, which divided the borough's housing stock by graded levels of lending "security."  An infamous redlining map.  I was looking at it again today. I should have put the map right there in the earlier post, but instead I only linked to it.  Here it is now.  You can enlarge it & examine it in a better resolution right here.

Update (2018).  As you can see, the links to the HOLC maps now appear to be broken.  If anyone can suggest new ones, I'd be grateful.

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