Friday, November 20, 2015

"The only thing missing is you"

Today, Gowanus is of the most targeted Brooklyn neighborhoods for real estate development and residents looking to take advantage of new housing inventory in community where virtually anything is right at one's fingertips. (Ideal Properties)

There's a certain poetry there, no?  The Barn Lofts, an eight-apartment building on Third Avenue, is a conversion of two mixed-use, three-story retail/apartment buildings.  The new rentals are replete with stainless steel, quartz, pendant lighting, and exposed brick, and the location offers tenants a Gowanus lifestyle rich in all the pleasures of modern urban living: fine dining, cocktails, pilates, rock-climbing, shuffleboard, robot-building and antiquing. And I'm pleased to see that the BQE and the Prospect Expressway make it onto the broker's list of nearby amenities! The apartments are all two or three bedrooms. The 3 BRs are especially dorm-like affairs, with most bedrooms around eight feet wide, and living rooms as small as 10'X12'.  Post-college living quarters?  Since the apartments were first listed, in September, rents seem to have been reduced.  Apartment 3A, first listed for $4,600, is now advertised at $3,900.

For some reason the Google view of this block is frozen in time at January '13, and 487 as was is shrouded from the viewer's prying eyes.

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