Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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The sixth annual Brooklyn Real Estate Summit will take place at the Brooklyn Museum on November 17.  Tickets are around $500.

Network with 600+ Brooklyn real estate owners, developers and investors and grow your Brooklyn portfolio to the next level. 
Benefit from an in-depth panel on Brooklyn real estate tech tenants and find out their needs and how Brooklyn properties are changing structurally and operationally. 
Learn how to create value in places like Crown heights, Williamsburg, Park Slope, Downtown Brooklyn, where it seems values are already maxed out. 
Learn why leading developers and investors are now turning to the subway map to find the next great opportunity. 
Hear over 20 top speakers discuss all types of assets in Brooklyn real estate including condo, multifamily, office and retail.

Topics on the agenda include There Goes the Neighborhood: Value Add Opportunities in an Oversaturated Market, Let's Talk Turkey: Capital Sources on Brooklyn Deals, and Apartments: How to Keep the Party Going After the 7th Inning.

If you happen to believe that the Brooklyn Museum is an inappropriate host for the summit, you can sign a petition protesting the venue here.  There will also be a demonstration at the museum, starting at 7:30 a.m. on Nov. 17.

Priorities to be Replicated? Private Luxury Now Abounding Where Former Donnell Library Stood, A "Replacement" Library Is Nowhere in Sight" (Noticing New York)

This arrival of private luxury in the Baccarat Hotel and condominium tower with no library in sight says volumes about what the priorities were when Donnell was sold off at a fraction of its value to the public: High-end amenities and more property and wealth for the richest come before democracy and the assets that serve us all.

Flipping on 11th Street - a new high in the South Slope?  
A two-story brick house on 11th Street, sold in 2014 for $1,400,000, is now hitting the market for a cool $4,000,000.  473 was acquired by a Redtop Architects partner, and Redtop have designed the rowhouse conversion, turning a small, 1,200 square foot building into a "spectacular modern oasis."

As expected, demolition planned for 645 Fifth Avenue

645, at right. 643 & 645, both owned by 5th Ave Condo LLC, were bought for a combined $4,250,000.  Demolition on the cards for both properties.

Earlier: Two More Fifth Ave. Buildings Leaving Soon

Real Estate Shell Companies Scheme to Defraud Owners Out of Their Homes (NY Times)

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