Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Around the Avenues

The Stoop (5th & Prospect) is re-invented as Empanada Loca (Experience the Crave), with more of a Latin-flavored menu that includes arepas, & quesadillas, along with American standards.

State of the Art, at Fifth & 10th, is opening, with a variety of prints, lithographs & paintings on sale. Prices range from modest (sixty dollar range) to perhaps-rather-high-for-the-99c store-neighbor-location (around a thousand).

When did the Kumon Learning Center (5th & 16th) close?  I saw this sign in the window recently.

I wish we could get something here that would serve the community better. My (unrealistic, I guess) choice would be a bi-lingual bookstore, with adult-ed classes.

Bankruptcy Auction for 740 Fourth (24th) - a mixed-use five-family/commercial building.

Tremendous Upside Potential 
Adjacent to Hotel Development Site 
One Block from N/D/R Train 
Under J-51 Abatement (Expires in 2030) 
Annual Real Estate Taxes: $2,208 
Current Annual Rent Roll: $68,751 (Tremendous Upside Potential)

We can guess how the upside potential (go ahead, mention it twice) will play out at this corner.

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