Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Meanwhile, in Sunset Park ...

From yesterday's Gothamist, another story on Sunset Park gentrification.

Sunset Park residents concerned about Industry City turning their community into"the next hot neighborhood" may have to brace themselves for a pumpkin spiced explosion:a giant Starbucks "destination" Roastery could be on the way.
 On Sunday, Tony Giordano, an administrator of the Sunset Parker Facebook group, posted a blistering critique of Industry City's management and those part of"Gentrification Inc."who would develop the area without considering its current residents.
User Dana Dobrzynski whose LinkedIn profile lists her current position as a Starbucks store manager, chimes in about a "Roastery coming to Industry City" from "Seattle" that would employ 300 people.

In conversation with Tony Giordano and other Sunset Parkers, who are rightly sceptical about the number of "real jobs" Jamestown & partners will ever bring to local residents, Ms Dobrzynski finally reveals her true colors.

"Wow.  You people are really out of control and angry residents. And I won't stoop to your level.  I'm happy for the gentrification and will be happier when it moves these "angry old-timers" out."

She finally said it.  But old-timers are angry, and with justification.  Look at the soaring price of real-estate in Sunset Park in the last few years.  Look at the rapid investor-acquisition of multi-families,and the push to "convert" rent-stabilized apartments & small business spaces to high-rent market rates. Look at the new Industry City-heavy selling of the neighborhood.

In my, by now, heavily developed area, close-by, there's still some of the same story.  A long-time neighbor on the next block over heard herself recently referred to as a "leftover."  Tenants in a building on my block are fighting against their nefarious Adam America landlord's illegal practices. And just the other week, right on our doorstep, realtors told prospective buyers that we - adjacent long-time residents - should be "grateful" to get a looming condo building next door.  Grateful ???

The anger is not going away any time soon.

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