Friday, October 16, 2015

Coming on Third: More Apartments, More Expressway Views

Plans have been filed for a new, seven storey, residential building at 577-579 Third Avenue, between 15th & 16th Street.  577 sold in February for $2,700,000 and 579 in March for $675,000.  577 3rd Avenue Condominium LLC is listed at the address of real estate attorney Jason Moore.

Making way for the new building will be three-story 577 and next-door 579, the latter one in a row of pre-1880, two storey rowhouses.  The corner building at 15th, the much larger 571-575,  is dated 1873, but the date is a bit of a mystery, as an 1880 map shows the whole block taken up by small rowhouses.

I'm fond of these remaining houses, low to the ground and surrounded by tool rentals, plumbing & auto supplies.

One more Gowanus makeover, with even the industrial Expressway vicinity ripe for high-income housing.  Perhaps we can come up with an acronym for this niche Gowanus pocket? GexPex? GPA? The right name has to be out there there somewhere.

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