Tuesday, August 2, 2016

New Wine Store on Fourth

I only recently noticed that a new wine shop has opened on Fourth Avenue. Situated in between Castillo de Jagua #2 at 723, and In the Cut Barbershop, at 725,  Greenwood Grape & Still opened in late May.  These businesses, along with several others, including a laundromat, car service, check-cashing business and coffee bar, are retail tenants at the Brooklyn Garden Apartments building, where rental 're-positioning' is ongoing, to take advantage of the area's changing demographics.

From a look at the store's website, Greenwood Grape & Still appears to specialize in small-batch, artisanal spirits, and a variety of wines in the fifteen to fifty dollar range. Reviews on Yelp describes the owners as helpful and friendly, and the store "a bona fide liquor store for the true cocktail nerd ... an answer to prayer."

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