Tuesday, August 2, 2016

At 44th

The retail business at 4322 8th Avenue is listed as Fu Xing Market Corp, but the store retains earlier signs above the newer ones: Superior Market & Carniceria, with lovely hand-painted signs of fruit, cattle and poultry.  In 1986 Charlie's Ristorante Pizzeria operated at this address.  When I stopped by, the workers I saw inside the store were all Chinese and the customers Latino.  It looked like something of a hangout spot.  I'd been wandering up & down Eighth looking for bamboo blinds, but I'd had no luck.  Since Pearl River Mart closed earlier this year, I'd been wondering where I might find replacement shades, and had started my search in Sunset Park. I'd seen a few well-worn bamboo shades hanging outside stores protecting merchandise, and plenty of straw & bamboo mats, but no shades for sale.  My poor communication skills might not have always helped my mission. When I spoke to the woman working the counter at Fu Xing she was very helpful, but the only shades she had in stock were vinyl.

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