Monday, August 22, 2016

Going, Gone, Gone ...

With demolition & new building permits in place, the Villa Lillian Long (316 12th Street) will be departing shortly. The sidewalk tree in front of the house has been fenced off, a likely sign of imminent house demolition.  As we noted back in December, a four family, four-story plus penthouse is on the way, with the architect on record as Wu Chen of Infocus Design.  Unfortunately, the website for Infocus appears to have disappeared, but the company is responsible for a number of similar sized apartments in the city, including 315, on the same block.  The developer is Omri Bar-Mashiah, who ... well, you can read about some of his earlier work here.  316 was sold in June for $1,900,000.

Two wooden houses that fell into decline, and suffered fire-damage, have recently disappeared.  Plans were recently filed for a commercial building at 147 11th Street, which was to replace a small, low-lying frame house, whose history you can read a little more of here.  Its condition had become perilous, and likely demolition was inevitable, but we had developed a certain, irrational fondness for it.


Over on 23rd Street, a fire broke out in June at 193, described on the NYC Fire Wire Facebook page as a "a dwelling with colliers (sic) mansion conditions."  The badly-damaged building was ordered demolished by HPD.

December, 2015

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