Monday, August 1, 2016

Fourth Avenue. Need I Say More?

495 Fourth is one of a group of six wood frame houses between 12th & 13th Streets.  Originally all these houses must have had porches, but now there are only four left, and the one at 495 looks like the only original.  Its looks overall are the most faithful to its early appearance, with its cornice and original front double doors still intact. In the 1980's tax photos 497 & 499 looked very much the same. 495 is the kind of old house I enjoy seeing.  It shows off its vintage charms without any fuss, without shouting out to a passer-by.  It's lived in.

Well, not much longer apparently.  It went on the market last month, and a sign in the front yard shows it to be in contract.  I looked up the listing:

"Developers proverbial crème de la crème with R8A Zoning. Property is situated in prime Park Slope and is close to everything. 2 short blocks to F, G, R trains and other forms of mass transit. One block distance to 5th Avenue which offers an extensive choice of restaurants, bars, shops, gyms and most other shopping categories. Price is firm...


R8A Zoning. Need I say more?"

There's certainly no euphemistic sales talk here.  The asking price was $2,500,000, and this one appears to have moved quickly.  Guessing a tall skinny building is on the way.

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