Monday, May 9, 2016

Best of the City: Leopoldi's on Fifth, 1966-2016

Leopoldi's Hardware is a neighborhood institution. Unfailing in its customer service, and fair in its prices, it demonstrates what's best in city retail - a small, family-run business that's built up three generations of expertise - & why shopping at a Mom'n'Pop brings you happiness you'll never find roaming the aisles of a Lowe's or a Home Depot. It supports good, hard-working people. It supports families that have put decades of service into the life of the community. This year Leopoldi's is celebrating its 50th year on Fifth Avenue, & I'm happy to say we've been frequenting the store for thirty of those years. Thirty years of paint & nails, drill bits & drain de-clogger.  Ant traps, mouse bait, gardening gloves and fertilizer.  A hundred household crises averted and a hundred small or large domestic projects catered to.   Leopoldi's has always come through for us.
The store has an incredibly loyal-customer base, but if you've never shopped there before, now's a good time to go in.  Make a purchase, wish the Leopoldis a happy anniversary & many, many more years on the avenue.


Anonymous said...

Great place, great family atmosphere with top quality 'old style' service. First visit in 1981 then 2004, alas as tourists with limited storage we couldn't carry off the stock we would've liked. Know & got to love the family it's the sort of place everyone wants in their neighbourhood. An Anglo-Irish endorsement from the Buckleys in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Love Leopoldi's! Thanks for featuring them on your excellent blog.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Thank you!

Fringarde said...

I acquired my first pair of garden shears at Leopoldi's. The sticker from the store remained on them well into the next century, up in New Hampshire, where I put them to good use.