Saturday, April 16, 2016

Say No!

The Carpet by Certified warehouse, at 5614 Third Avenue, is on the market.  The showroom for the company, at 5604 on the same block, closed several years ago.  If you've been that way yourself, heading south on foot or by car, you've probably noticed the sign for the company, painted high on the side of a four-story brick building:  SAY NO TO DRUGS BUT YES TO RUGS, CARPETS BY CERTIFIED, Carpet and Rug Cleaning, FACTORY SHOWROOM.   A classic. I guess it was intended for expressway travelers, and indeed the inveterate commuter Be the BQE posted about this spot late  last year.  I knew I had a ground level shot from a couple of years ago and I finally dug it out (see above).  But there's more.  In a fit of Google wandering, I recently discovered the existence of a second sign, overlooking the former store at 5604.  It was only visible to travelers heading north. Say No to drugs but Yes to rugs, WHEN ITS TIME TO CLEAN YOUR CARPET DIAL 439-9000, CERTIFIED CARPETS. The great thing about this sign was the arm pointing to the message, with a real clock affixed to its wrist.  Time indeed, a brilliant touch!  Both sign & clock were still around in '14 & I must have walked blithely past them on earlier visits.  Today when I went looking I couldn't find them.  This could have been because of the limited viewpoint from the sidewalk, but I doubt it. I think they're really gone.

Heading north (2014)

Southbound (2007)

5614 Third (April '16)

April '16

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