Thursday, April 28, 2016

Closings, Signs & Purple Raindrops

I'm sad to report that the Breadfruit Tree Cafe at Fourth & 10th is definitely closing.  The owners were clearing out the cafe space today & said they were planning to relocate the business to Crown Heights.  Also gone is Roosters (Fifth & 19th), where there's a For Sale sign on the shutters.  Both places, opened in mid & late 2014, appear to have had their ups & downs, with periods of closure & changes of management.  I'm sorry to see them go - I enjoyed their food. The mystery of Marleey's (What are its actual business hours?  Is it still open?) continues, so it's looks like it's just the food truck for Caribbean food round here*.

Next door to Roosters, workers are still busy at the Hudwelker condo conversion site.  Today I was sad to see the remains of that mysterious Factory/-actory/-actor/-acto sign gone.  I have better pictures of it somewhere or other, but the best I can come up with is here, where it basks in the wintry rays of a February sunset.

On the same block, there's Purple Rain on the shutters of long-closed & soon to be demolished Selina's bakery, at 645 Fifth.  I'm not the first to have noticed this one.

It's raining all over the city right now.

* 4/29 Marleey's was open on Friday night - guess it's the daytime hours that fluctuate.

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