Saturday, April 30, 2016


It's too bad Google will only take you back nine years, but these days even a view from 2007 will reveal a quite different array of bars, restaurants & grocery stores.  The woozy grain & wildly distorted perspective of the Google streets can lend a dreamlike quality to even the recent past. Here's Smolen then, when the Polish eagle still perched at vantage points about the neighborhood.

& here it is in 2011, soon to reemerge as Mary's,

Here's Mary's this week, after its brief run. The bar was being dismantled yesterday, and a guy inside told me Mary's lost its lease. Apparently the place is up for rent again. Today, some farewell sentiments up top.

In 1896 James Bowdell owned a liquor store here, & in 1899 the Eagle identifies Fogarty's saloon at this address.  In the 1920s and 30s Grafanola's radio & music store is advertised at 708 & it's listed as being in the Prospect Section of Brooklyn.  So there's another name to add to the list.

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