Thursday, April 7, 2016

On 14th

On a chilly April afternoon, a glance up 14th Street reminded me that it was really spring.  A riot of pink & orange balloons!  Tucked away off Fifth Avenue, a happy trio of long-standing small businesses: Lisa Lobue salon, Angelo's shoe repairs & Fama party supplies.  With hair, shoes & parties sorted out, you can always step out in style.

"The balloons always draw the little girls in!" the owner of Fama's laughed, and you can see why. The store  caters weddings, quinceañeras , and all kinds of other festive events.  Here's another photograph from several years ago.

This trio says more about the beauty of our city's small retail stores than any number of Crunch gyms, new restaurants that boast they've "upgraded" our neighborhood, or high-end, eat-up-your-paycheck grocery stores. These three are the real class acts.


Brian F. said...

I'm surprised comments are so rare on your wonderful site. One of th best aspects is your loving optimism for your neighborhood. It truly shines through the frequent bad news. I hope you're getting the readership you deserve. Thank you from Florida.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Thanks Brian!