Sunday, May 17, 2015

Welcome to Brooklyn

On a mild spring afternoon, down from the White Eagle Tavern construction site, a sidewalk game of dominoes is taking place.  Music's on the radio, and conversation's lobbed, back and forth, across the street, as residents arrive, depart, walk dogs, fix cars or bikes, linger in doorways, struggle with laundry carts, settle on stoops.  The essence of weekend.  Here, as elsewhere in the city, landlords are busy at their own games, slapping down multi-families instead of tiles:
8 family brick building for sale as a package deal at $2,400,000 each As Is. 225, 227 and 229 23rd St.
On the next block, in a flea-market yard, designer bow-ties for Little Guys!  $75 - $125 a pop.

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