Friday, May 8, 2015

On the Sidewalk: 1

Yesterday I noticed a new store on Atlantic, on the same block as old favorites Atlantic fruit & veg (best price & quality for miles around), Damascus bakery, & Sahadi's.  Well actually the store's been around for a month or so, but I guess it was the outdoor furniture displayed on the sidewalk (bistro tables - $255 - $365) that made me notice it this time.  Tasteful displays inside & out  - mostly home goods by the looks of things.  But the name, the name!   How could the poor brothers ever have imagined their twenty-first century fate?

"Here at our Collyer's Mansion, we try to keep the treasures we find just a bit more organized. Enjoy poking around the ongoing compilation of pieces we just can't live without. We look forward to sharing them with you (and we promise there aren't any booby traps)."

Daily News

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