Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Must Decline

Somehow or other I have ended up on the mailing list of Transportation Alternatives.  Usually I don't pay much attention to the messages, but this one, an invitation to an end of Bike Month party in Dumbo, surely falls into the category of Parties I am Least Likely Ever to Attend:

"Have a drink in the Bike and Roll Beer Garden, featuring Brooklyn Brewery and Coney Island Brewing… Pedal for T.A. donations with REI as part of an interactive light project… Get a close look at Brilliant Bicycles’ sweet new rides inside the Dumbo Loft alongside an interactive light show… Check out cycling fashion from Vespertine and Cleverhood and new bikes at the NYCEwheels and Vanmoof booth… Design your own reflective buttons with RydeSafe… Or go back to your college days with foosball thanks to Redbeard Bikes and a hair braiding bar courtesy of Po Campo!" 

No, no, for God's sake, no!

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