Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sam Steinberg Exhibition This Weekend

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"Hey mistah, I got paintings here!  Or maybe you want a Hoishey Bar."

"A typical Steinberg work is as whimsical and surreal as a Klee or a Miró, as sincere as a Grandma Moses, as enamored of the boldly colored plane as a Stella and of the almond eyes as the Egyptian tomb paintings - and as original as they come ...Yet he and his work are virtually unknown to anyone who did not once frequent the few blocks of Morningside Heights that converge on Columbia University's College Walk."

 "Sam Steinberg: A House of Cardboard or a Marble Palace?" - Craig Bunch (1996), Folk Art Magazine 

Today, from 9 - 5, at the Broadway Room in Lerner Hall, 115th Street and Broadway, you can catch the second and final day of an exhibition of the works of Brooklyn-born outsider artist and street peddler Sam Steinberg (1896 - 1982).  The exhibition has been put together by members of the Class of '75, and is presented as part of the Columbia College Dean's Day/Reunion weekend.  The exhibition is free, and open to the public. On Saturday, from 2 - 5, there'll be a program of readings and shared recollections relating to Steinberg and his work.  There'll also be a chance to view a short 1971 documentary on the artist made by filmmaker Ed Gray.  I'm hoping the film, which is available in limited viewing on Vimeo, will soon be available for all to see.  It's riveting.

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