Thursday, May 7, 2015

Disappearing on 12th Street

Here's a sad one.  I've been wondering about the fate of little old 205 12th Street for some time.  It was sold in 2008 for $970,000, & resold in 2013 for $640,000.  Attempts to flip it for two million-plus seemed to go nowhere, and in January I noticed ominous Keep Out: Baited Area signs in the windows.  Was a demo on the way?  Well, there are no demo permits filed just yet, but plans have been submitted for a new, four-storey, seven-unit building at the site, so it looks like another fine wooden house, from the 1870s or even earlier, is set to become rubble.  Another small piece of Brooklyn history - too wooden & vernacular to count for very much - will disappear. Still, we can't be much surprised.  Even Walt Whitman's old wooden home on Ryerson Street, where he was living when Leaves of Grass was first published, for Christ's sake, can't get a sodding historic plaque on the building, never mind become landmarked as a treasure of the city.  How can that be?

Four-Story, Seven-Unit Building Filed at 205 12th Street, Gowanus (NY YIMBY)

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