Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Wood to "Brick"


The brick look (above left)

A frame house gets a renovation that includes a brick facade.  Even on an upscale block that's almost entirely composed of pretty wooden houses, we find the brick-brings-more-bucks play. I'm partial to variety - paint your house parrot green for all I care.  I like the different kinds of coverings wooden houses have endured over the years, just as I like them looking (something) like their old, original selves.  I like the 101 ways a patch of dirt or concrete up front reveals an owner's love or indifference. 
But there's no sentiment here. This is all formula. A wooden house will be reborn as a brick townhome.  It's got a new black cornice, and I wouldn't be surprised if the white brickwork ends up going dark grey.  Dark grey is today's mustard!

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