Sunday, August 23, 2015

Surfish Bistro II

More food is on the way to Third, at the southern pre-expressway-Gowanus border.  A note is posted for a liquor license at 550.  Surfish Bistro, a Peruvian restaurant on Fifth, opened in 2011, to positive reviews, and it looks like the owners are opening a second place at Third & 14th.  Will they be using that roof deck? The restaurant will sit in a quintessentially Gowanus-of-today landscape, in between Rico high-end art & furniture design store & a Subway/Checkers/Dunkin Donuts fast food trio. On the same side of the block you'll find a couple of auto body shops, including Prestige Auto Restoration, with gas pumps out front.  Prestige is prime car-spotting territory -  you can be sure of finding all kinds of old or smashed-up classics outside, awaiting the miracles of surgery.  Across the avenue: the Iglesia de Dios Pentacostal M.I. Roca de Seguridad storefront church, Lowlands bar, Crop to Cup cafe, Scala Contracting, Splats & Squiggles kids'art studio, and La Quinta Inn.

Farther down the avenue it's still mostly construction trade business - fencing, plumbing, tool rental, woodworking, glass & the like.  Still, if a macaron bakery (Woops!) can open south of the expressway on Fifth, & condos abut the expressway on Fourth, I'm sure some niche retail will fill in the gap here soon.

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camotal said...

Awesome! Can't wait! What a great fun this place promises to be!