Sunday, August 16, 2015

And Mezini?

Is it really the end of the line for the restaurant at 492 Fifth?   A storeowner on the block told me it had closed down, & it certainly looks that way.  Mezini Restaurant Corporation leased the store space there back in 2010, but didn't actually open the restaurant until 2013, with a rather fancy, seafood/raw bar focus.  As time went by the menu altered, the hookahs arrived,

January, 2014

and the restaurant's hours got later.  Its storefront curtains were more often than not closed, even in its open hours.  Earlier this year, a note on the door intrigued.

Even from the beginning, Mezini never seemed busy, and many of us wondered just how the Latvian-owned business was managing to stay afloat.  There were many idle theories.
I walk by the restaurant most days, and can't recall when I last saw it open.  The potted shrubs out front, long dead, have recently been removed, which might (or might not) be construed as significant. All's quiet.

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