Tuesday, August 4, 2015



A price reduction for a pair of houses at 16th Street between Fourth & Third.  Long-neglected 115 & 117 have quite a murky sales history.  Earlier this year they were on the market for $2,500,000, but the most recent Cushman & Wakefield listing has the price reduced to a paltry two million. A development package (of course).  Here they were in March.

On an 1880 map, the two houses at this address were wooden, but by 1886 the houses here are indicated as brick.  117 has a siding job on one side, but I'm assuming that's just a quick cover-up. I've admired this little pair for a long time, despite their sad condition.

When I walked by here a couple of weeks ago I came across a couple getting the tear-down broker tour. "What if we knocked down a couple like that?" a thirty-something woman asked, pointing to a couple of frames on the block. "What could we put up instead?"

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Update, 8/29:  Records appeared on ACRIS this month for both properties, with deeds transferred to the same owner.  117 appears as sold for $625,000, & 115 with no price recorded, exchanged hands back in January.

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