Thursday, August 13, 2015


Another artisanal business on Third: beard grooming products!  (DNAinfo)

This one will be perfect for the newer, cuddlier, ever-more-effete Third Avenue.

Brooklyn Grooming, which makes small batch beard oil, "gentleman's facial serum," tattoo balm and other products aimed at modern males, moved its production studio to the third floor of 530 Third Ave. last month, co-owner Alfredo Ortiz told DNAinfo.

City's oldest subway train sticking around ... (Daily News)

The oldest train cars still trudging through subway tunnels will have to put off retirement.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is expecting its order of state-of-the-art trains to be delayed, meaning ancient train cars now on the C and J/Z lines will stick around until 2022, according to budget documents and transit officials.
The old trains — a model called R32, which were considered cutting edge at the 1964 World’s Fair — are unable to leave life on the rails by 2018 as planned, costing the agency $50.2 million over the next four years in maintenance and extra train staff, according to the budget docs.

C train, 2012

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