Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Attracting those "creative types" (we love the somewhat Freudian vocabulary slip):

For the love of art : Residential developers increasingly add art to buildings to boost cache (sic) — and prices  (The Real Deal)

Brokers have long used loaned art to stage new development apartments, but these days developers are increasingly incorporating art into the public spaces of residential projects, much like commercial developers have done for decades. The move to “art-up” is being driven by several factors, from upping a building’s cultural cache (sic) to helping push up prices.
“A fabulously designed lobby by some well-known interior designer or artist is going to demand a higher rent,” said Adam Courtney, an associate director at commercial brokerage Lee & Associates, who holds a master’s degree in public art from the University of Southern California.

Brooklyn May Get 22,000 New Apartments by 2019, But It Won’t Get More Affordable

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