Thursday, August 20, 2015


Trading in yet again on the name of poor Walt, here's a little broker pitch for 232 Adelphi, the converted Carlton Mews Church in Fort Greene.  Shall you be inspired?

"I too lived, Brooklyn of ample hills was mine,
I too walk'd the streets of Manhattan island, and bathed in the waters around it..." 
                                                                           Crossing Brooklyn Ferry

"Following in the footsteps of the great Walt Whitman, Fort Greene's arguably most famous of former residents, this converted Gothic Revival former house of worship shall inspire you to build your own legacy and craft your own history. 
Every unit has been meticulously renovated to offer the exquisite, once-in-a-lifetime rental experience, a unique treat to come home to every day. Soaring scalloped ceilings and jeweled-glass windows will enchant the lover of architecture in you to no end.
Living will be easy and comfortable with a number of amenities throughout the building, from central heating and air conditioning, thermostats remotely programmable from your office/car, top-of-the-line appliances, complimentary laundry facility, bike storage, and shared green. This space is sure to make it difficult to leave your home."

Available units list from $5,950 (1 BR) to $9,975 (2.5 BR).  No love of walking or the common man required.

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