Tuesday, August 25, 2015

April in August

Finally! Designer Creates Kidswear Inspired by the Park Slope Food Co-op (Brooklyn Paper)

Sloper Sophie Demenge of earthy Gowanus kidswear company Oeuf (8th Street) was surveying the Park Slope Food Co-op’s healthy spread on one of her regular outings to the market, when she was struck with the idea to knit the organic goods into sweaters and hats for tots, according to a spokesperson... 

... The collection, called Foodilicious, serves up a cuddly buffet of egg berets ($70), eggplant pants ($104), carrot hats ($60), asparagus scarves ($100), and sweaters emblazoned with the word “kale” ($110), many hand-knitted with wool shorn from baby alpacas, according to the company.

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