Friday, October 10, 2014

Links: "Improvement" & Discovery in Queens Neighborhoods

Jackson Heights Mom & Pop Shops Fear "Business Improvement" Means Banishment -

 Friedman (head of the Queens Chamber of Commerce) stressed that the Jackson Heights BID is necessary so business owners can compete with the upcoming mega-mall in Willets Point. Both Friedman and local Councilmember Julissa Ferreras supported the mall, which now stands to take customers away from small businesses in Corona. 
"We need to re-brand Corona," Friedman says. "The names might change, but the flavor won't." 
The re-branding of Corona, Friedman elaborated, will be in the image of what the 82nd Street partnership has accomplished in Jackson Heights. "Listen, chain stores are often franchises and are owned by local people. What successful business area doesn't have a chain store?"

Dopey subway poster Calls Elmhurst a "new" neighborhood (Queens Crap)
"Buy into Elmhurst, the best new neighborhood in NYC," a Continental Park condo ad proclaims.

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