Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Coney Gowanus

Mexico Tire Shop, on Third Avenue, between 9th & 10th. It sits in the shadow of the Culver Viaduct, and is close to the bus stop for the B37. Let's move in a little closer, to the side yard gate.

Well maybe not that close.

That's better. You may notice a small creature bottom right.  A rabbit?  Very nice, you say, but one rabbit is nothing remarkable, even in a patch of dirt next to a tire shop, with the train rumbling overhead and trucks bouncing by along the avenue. But a whole warren of them is more like it!

While I was watching them, several other people came up to the gate to watch them too. An elderly couple discussed their fate, and concluded they were being raised for their meat. A younger, middle aged woman passed by and said, no, they were pets. She had asked at the tire shop, and spoken to a man who lived in the building. They were his, not the tire-fixers, and there were fourteen of them. She said her mother walked past the shop all the time and never noticed them. "But I did," she smiled, "because I'm nosey!" Hurrah for nosiness. We stood there a long time, watching the rabbits digging holes and gnawing on pieces of particle board. It didn't look in the least verdant there in the yard - no Beatrix Potter vegetable gardens here - but the rabbits looked plump and content.

The city's small and beautiful surprises wait for us in all the right places.